Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday baby Kaia

As i sit here early this morning, i remember back to a year ago when i was in labor at the hospital. Waiting, with much anticipation for the arrival of our baby girl. She came 3 weeks early and was a tiny little thing  5lbs 14 oz. But somehow that tiny thing was able to reach inside and steal my heart. Before i had Kaia, it was hard to imagine loving another child as much as i love Dane. He was our everything. And yet, i love Kaia just as deeply. It makes sense though. Our Heavenly Father has enough love for each of us. And he loves us all the same as His children. So it's only natural that we have the capacity to love equally.

Kaia - you have brought more joy, happiness, laughter and light into our home. Before you arrived we went through a dark period. But we never lost hope. It might have been buried a little and we had to work but we made it. And you were the best blessing/gift in the end. Your middle name is Hope. You are strong, bright, beautiful and I know you are going to be a strength to our family. You are the reminder to never lose hope when faced with trials. Good things will always come in the end. In our case, we got you. We are so grateful everyday that you came into our lives. 

Here are some highlights from the 1st year of Kaia's life.

  • Gained 11 lbs: 5lbs 14 oz to 16lbs 8 oz. You are in the 10% for weight but over 40% for height. 
  • Been to Disneyland 3 times already
  • Took 8 major road trips: California 3 times, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Northeast (NY, Mass, Conn, Vermont, NH, Maine, Rhode Island), Nevada
  • Flew in a plane twice
  • Still wake up 2 times a night (that's about to change!)
  • Gone through over 1000 diapers
  • Loves blueberries, grapes, gerber puffs, anything you can pick up with your hands
  • Loves to read - will just sit and look at books with 
  • Loves baby einstein movies
  • Laughs with your brother
  • Sits at the gate outside your brother's room, waiting for him to play with you
  • Shrieks with excitement
  • Loves bath time
  • Hates having your face wiped
  • Constantly removes socks - we now have numerous unmatched socks
  • started crawling about 6 months
  • has 6 1/2 teeth (currently waiting for #7 to poke through)
  • stands by self for 2 seconds - not quite ready to walk yet
  • can crawl up stairs by self
  • wears size 12mth clothes (could wear 9 mth but too tall now)
We love you, Kaia! You are pure joy. You are sweet and sassy and perfect in every way. 


Manohar singh Jodhpur said...

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Iswandi Abdul Rahman said...

cute baby , happy new year